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Stephen Kolodychuk

Hello! I’m Stephen Kolodychuk, a game designer who really loves focusing on creating compelling systems and captivating moment-to-moment gameplay. As a game designer, I want to make the experiences that instilled such a sense of wonder and inspired me.

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Metamorphos is a Dark Souls-like game where you play as a sand guardian who has woken up from deep slumber to cleanse the corruption that has entered the abandoned lands that were once his home.

Mu and the Little Reef

Mu and the Little Reef is a third-person adventure game where the player plays as Mu, a baby sea god, working to restore a dying coral reef to life by cultivating coral and aiding the reef's colorful cast of denizens.

Robot Rocket Rumble

Robot Rocket Rumble is a 2D arena party-brawler where 4 players vie for victory to be the Robot Rocket Rumble Champion by blowing their competition off the stage with rocket launchers and explosive ultimate abilities.

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