Stephen Kolodychuk

I'm a Game Designer finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Game Design with a Minor in Psychology at DigiPen Institute of Technology (expected graduation April 2021). Currently, I'm the combat designer, encounter design, and producer for Team Spicy Dice working on Metamorphos. I've worked on a wide variety of games at DigiPen (some featured in the above reel) and in my downtime I enjoy watching professional wrestling with my friends, cooking for my roommates and myself, and reading.



My resume for your consideration



Aug 2020 - Current

Game Design and Production TA
DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Conduct weekly check-ins with assigned student teams to provide feedback and inform professors on team status

  • Playtest weekly builds to offer targeted design advice on recent changes and project direction

  • Support teams without designers with creating strong core game loops and multiple engagement arcs

  • Assist teams with design and production issues as needed

Jan 2020 - Current

Game Designer and Producer
Metamorphos (Academic)

  • Balance combat systems to create dynamic choices and interesting moment-to-moment gameplay using Microsoft Excel to create a simple pipeline and analyze combat systems

  • Collaborate with programmers to define in-game telemetry and analyze results to allow for data-driven iterations on systems

  • Work closely with animators and VFX artists to refine enemy and player attacks to create strong signifiers and feedback

  • Facilitate team by leading weekly meetings, reducing non-development overhead, and refining communication methods

Aug 2019 - Jan 2020

Game Designer and Producer
Mu and the Little Reef (Academic)

  • Led design meetings to focus gameplay on central systems and reinforce core game loop

  • Created and tuned movement systems to promote underwater feel and player immersion

  • Coordinated with designers, programmers, and artists to make sure feature and content deadlines allow enough time for testing

  • Designed surveys and playtest methodologies to allow for rapid iteration of core mechanics during pre-production phase

Aug 2018 - Apr 2019

Game Designer and Design Lead
Robot Rocket Rumble (Academic)

  • Collaborated with programmers to define physics-based combat systems and pipeline for rapidly iterating in custom engine

  • Rapidly prototyped game mechanics during pre-production that led to major gameplay shifts and solved major usability issues

  • Created heat maps from playtesting to inform level design decisions

  • Led design meetings to review collected metrics, create design guidelines, assign tasks, and provide feedback


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